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Letter: Carbon a small part of atmosphere

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Earth’s atmosphere is made up of the following gases: nitrogen (78.084 percent), oxygen (20.946 percent), argon (.934 percent), carbon dioxide (.0383 percent), neon (.001818 percent), helium (.000524 percent), methane (.0001745 percent), krypton (.000114 percent) and hydrogen (.000055 percent).

Notice the percentage of carbon in the atmosphere— .0383 percent. This is remarkable since most Global Warming alarmists point to manmade carbon output driving the warming trend of solar cycle 23. It is even more relevant to consider that 90 percent of that .0383 percent occurs via nature, not man. So I suppose that a global tax on man’s carbon outputs will impact the climate any significant way when we are adjusting a level that accounts for 90 percent X .0383— .00383 percent of the atmosphere. No citizens, you are being lied to once again by your government.

Here are a few interesting facts. I can’t believe I said the ‘F&rsqu...

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