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Letter: Car tax shock

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In 2020, we bought a used four-door Sahara Jeep Wrangler with 13,000 miles on it for $34,000. In 2021, the value of our Jeep, now a year older with more mileage on it, was valued by Gloucester County at $43,000. This year, just unbelievable! Gloucester County is putting a value on our Jeep of $51,500, $17,500 more than what we originally paid for it.

In 1998, James Gilmore was elected governor of Virginia, and ran on the promise of eliminating the personal property tax on cars and trucks. In 2006, Virginia’s, “No Car Tax Program” was eliminated, and a new tax program, “Personal Property Tax Relief” was implemented. Under this program, the tax bill “supposedly” provides a reduction of taxes to the taxpayer. Our tax relief on our Jeep this year, is a grand total of $69. Oh, we also own an old 2011 Lincoln MKS, that has gone up in value this year $1,500. I am very unhappy about the personal property tax bills I am receiving in Gloucester County.

Cindy So...

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