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Letter: Canadian labor law makes sense for U.S.

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Several years ago, one of my sons and I went to British Columbia to install equipment for a fracking company. We entered Canada from North Dakota, and that’s where I learned an interesting lesson.

As we crossed the border, we were stopped and instructed that we had to turn back. The reason was Canada has a law that requires any work that can be done by a Canadian will be done by a Canadian. After two hours and several calls to Arkansas, we obtained proof that the equipment installation was part of the purchase, so we were given temporary work permits and allowed to proceed, with some rules.

We need a law such as this. American business needs to learn how to operate with American labor, even if it hurts the bottom line. We need a law that says as long as there is work here for Americans, welfare cannot be provided. I spoke with the border guards about illegal entry and they said they still have a problem, but not like ours. People cross illegally, then ...

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