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Letter: Campaign reform is needed

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Who is the right man for president, and better yet, for our country? You may think you know (I often think I do), but we don’t. History will judge that. Some will argue Obama is bad for the economy and Romney understands business better. So why are banks, Wall Street firms, big business and the wealthy giving Obama so much? Romney is getting his share, too. The truth is large donors more often than not donate based on insuring access to a president’s ear. Realizing picking a winner is difficult (ask Wall Street), they hedge their bets by giving to both. Incumbents get more as a rule. Small donors are more partisan, donating to like-minded thinkers.

How about ads? Political ads are not bound by truth and campaigns spend millions spinning negatives that are aimed at only those who let others think for them or rallying their own base. TV is no better. Shows thinly veiled as news or talk are really political hacks.

So, in the end, we will get wh...

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