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Letter: Business, government both need improvement

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Run the government like a business? We often hear pundits lament "if they ran government like a business, we would not be in this mess." Maybe not, maybe worse. Businesses can pick winners and drop the losers. The old, the sick, the poor, the very young are not productive. Should government drop them? Of course our country has a safety net. We should debate who qualifies, limits, how it is paid for, and how to deal with the trash who takes advantage of this net.

Corporate America’s goal is to wring as much profit as they can out of their business for the shareholders, and let next year take care of itself. American business abandoned long-term planning years ago. When a company has money problems, they lay off workers, file for protection from creditors, and restructure. They run away to foreign shores or split what is left among the leadership and flee. Washington can’t.

Our government must plan for the future and manage debt. Sad...

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