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Letter: Bring on the praetorian guard

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Ms. Thompson’s letter (“Bill much more than ‘childish whining,’” Feb. 27 Readers Write) provides Mr. Truman’s cautionary words involving heat in the kitchen with an added poignancy. I recall that every election official is required to take an oath prior to assuming the duties of office. If memory serves me correctly, the oath taken by our public officials has a purposeful similarity to that taken by thousands of young Americans each year who volunteer to serve this great country in its military.

These young Americans pledge to place their very lives in harm’s way in defense of our country and our way of life. As to the infliction of trauma to an elected official, I believe the current law is more than adequate to cover the threats; however, I might suggest that to any in doubt about the veracity of the oath taken by our military, please take the time to visit a VA hospital to gain a proper perspective involving tremendous emotional trauma.

Forgive me,...

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