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Letter: Bombers are criminals, not enemy combatants

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Boston has reopened the debate over our rights and how best to defend our nation. Should the two animals who bombed the Boston Marathon be classified as enemy combatants or criminals? Should the younger bomber (refuse to use the name) have Miranda rights? Do our protections under the Constitution apply only to our citizens or to all who peacefully stand on our soil?

They are citizens and, as far as I know, we are not at war with them. This makes them mass murderers in my mind, similar to Newtown. The made-for-prime-time expression "War on Terrorism" lacks honesty and precision. Homeland Security was created to protect us from Islamic extremists, not school shooters, so let’s call it what it is so we can be more precise. They are not soldiers; they are fanatics. To glorify them as soldiers is not only an insult to real soldiers, but it is wrongfully stupid. Give mad dogs no more credit than they deserve … which is none.

So the "Assault on Is...

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