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Letter: Blessed to be American

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

First Thanksgiving, then Christmas—real blessings. While listening to the soundtrack from The Patriot, I remembered the thoughts, the passion to be free, that were in the hearts of the men and women who had the courage to risk their lives and all material things to be free, to be, American.

Today, the people of Egypt are facing the complete loss of any personal freedoms due to the election of their president. As soon as this man took office, he began his goal of controlling all of Egypt, making decrees that gave him powers that were not legal before. Kings and dictators make decrees, but once their president forced his first changes on the people he then used these decrees, which he made, as an excuse or reason for further changes, including their constitution!

Now, he is forcing Sharia law as part of it, using words that enable him to punish citizens for almost anything they do that he disagrees with. In addition, he is ignoring their Supreme Cou...

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