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Letter: Blame the school board, not the supervisors

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I would like to thank Kenneth E. Hogge Sr. for his April 13 and May 29 letters (Readers Write) exposing the bad decision making of the school board and its soon-to-be-former school superintendent and their subsequent attempts at cover-up and finger pointing. More taxpayers of Gloucester County should submit letters expressing their frustration with the failure of accountability at the school board.

Before proceeding further, some disclosure: I support good education in Gloucester public schools. My children attended them. I support base pay increases for teachers to levels equivalent to counties in Virginia of similar size and location. I support performance-based bonuses for teachers and staff who significantly exceed the requirements of their jobs.

I oppose the wasteful spending on the currently-being-constructed new Page Middle School, when less expensive alternatives providing full gymnasiums were available. I oppose the school board expenditure to creat...

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