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Letter: Bidenomics 3.0

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Bidenomics 1.0 was “One crisis after the next” by Gail Mitchell of Hardyville (May 16 Readers Write). 2.0 was “Biden’s record” by Bill Wallace of Gloucester (May 30 Readers Write). Kudos to both writers. 3.0 could be aptly titled “I did that.”

On Day 1 of Biden’s regime, numerous Executive Orders were signed (of 65+ to date) which full-press attacked our fossil fuel sector. From cancellation of the pipeline from Canada (a U.S. ally) into the U.S., to numerous administrative actions of pending permits for leases on-shore and off-shore, ignoring part-time energy alternatives are still not ready for prime time or reasonable costs to industry and consumers. Denying new leases also removes much-needed lease payments to the Treasury. I did that! But this does enable the OPEC+ cartel to now sell to us the needed replacement energy at their price. Additionally, significant millions of barrels were released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve … for pure politica...

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