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Letter: Biden would spell disaster

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We have an empty vessel running for POTUS in Joe Biden. His inability to remember who he is running against, which state he is in, whether he is for or against fossil fuels, and his involvement in foreign investment schemes with his son, all spell disaster for American citizens.

In reality, a vote for Biden is a vote to elevate Kamala Harris to the next POTUS. Do any of you really expect our country to be able to recover from four years of her extremist policies of reparations, confiscation of guns, higher taxes, defunding the police, climate change, and providing free health care to illegal immigrants?

Make no mistake about it, those who vote for Joe Biden are kidding themselves. He is clearly mental unfit enough to last four months on the job, much less four years. This ticket is a Trojan horse.

Think about Bernie Sanders, AOC and the Squad running all of the cabinet positions. What a national disaster! Socialism is breathing down our necks like ...

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