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Letter: Bias may cloud objectivity

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Rev. Wohlfort (Readers Write Nov. 19, "Another View") made an excellent point with his analogy of "The other is simply wrong and that (other) is dismissed." Obviously both accounts of the Agenda 21 meeting cannot be right. The Rev. Wohlfort’s parting comment in his dissertation was poignant: "Every person, group, movement, religion, government and nation that regards itself as the exclusive possessor of the truth is in varying degrees, a dangerous entity to its larger community."

May I offer Frederick A. Hayer’s "The Fatal Conceit" as a counterpoint. The achievement of the fatal conceit is that it demonstrates just cause why socialism must be refuted rather than dismissed.

Rev. Wohlfort persists in giving validity to anthropocentric climate change and implores our legislators to move forward on climate legislation. He compounds this claim by assigning victim status to the poor as a result of anthro...

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