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Letter: Beware a Con-Con

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I could not but help to be a bit surprised at the tone and content of the letter by S.J. Mehaffey (“In favor of a Constitutional convention,” Jan. 8 Readers Write). At a time when the Constitution is being bypassed, trampled upon to near irrelevancy, why does he contend that a Constitutional convention would serve a good purpose?

Such a convention, by its construct, comes under the authority and purview of Congress; a Congress that has blatantly abused the rule of law and the constitutional constrictions. A Constitutional convention could very well result in the abolishment of the Constitution itself.

Once a Constitutional convention (Con-Con) commences, there is absolutely no manner in which to control or assure its outcome. With this Congress, as with most others in recent years, a Constitutional convention can best be equated with a game of Russian roulette. I would urge S.J. Mehaffey to please do a bit of focused research before advocating fo...

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