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Letter: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to Sue Long’s letter (“Misinformation abounds,” June 21 Readers Write), I was prompted to start designing a potential board game about our present conundrum on asylum seekers and immigration policy. It will be a fun game that both liberal and conservative families can enjoy.

The game will be called “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.”

As I picture it, a family of four living in Honduras watches in horror as the corrupt police and drug lords battle for domination of the drug trade, prostitution and child sex slave business in their small, poverty-stricken town. After witnessing decapitated bodies and puddles of blood in the street while escorting his 8-year-old daughter to school, José Mendez has seen enough.

That evening, he and his wife Rita quietly discuss liquidating all their savings, selling what little jewelry and furnishings they have, borrowing what they can; then Rita will take the children hundreds of...

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