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Letter: Better Before Biden

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Biden spoke out about how we are turning the corner on the economy. What planet is he on? Gas up $1.50-plus per gallon and we saw a price dip of 7 cents. Wow. Book the cruise. Diesel up and since everything we consume is delivered by truck, the price is passed along to consumers.

So we chant tax the rich. Tax evil corporate America. OK. So corporate America sees a massive increase in tax. What do they do? They increase the price on our consumer goods to cover the new tax. They pay their fair share by taxing us. Wake up!

Tax the rich, they say. Yeah! Many of the rich own rental properties. What do the rich do? Increase your rent to pay the taxes. Who ultimately pays? We do. The middle class is being intentionally squeezed out of existence, and we voted for it. We are to blame here.

He continued to tout his “Build Back Better” plan. Sounds great. He said it would ultimately reduce the deficit $100,000,000,000 (billion) dollars. Impressive. ...

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