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Letter: Being thankful

It would take thousands of words to describe the reasons I am thankful, but the heart of these blessings from God start with being an American. Of all the nations in the history of the world, we are unique because our Creator is at the heart of what America is meant to be. “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” Nowhere else in the world has any government placed such words as law, only in America!


From these words in our Declaration of Independence we began a new way of living and though we stumble along the way, we pick ourselves up and this is how we travel the road to being the people that He wants us to be. Today, I thank Him again for my husband, my children and grandchildren, all the family, including our friends all over this beautiful country and in my prayers I put all of America in His hands.


Dawn Dale

Hayes, Va.


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