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Letter: Being generous with other people’s money

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’m writing in response to a letter from Mary Montague (Choosing charity over fear) that addressed the Gloucester Board of Supervisors’ actions in regard to allowing Syrian refugees to settle in our county.

Collectively, the BOS knew that the federal government has the sole authority over this kind of immigration. I know this because I regularly talk with most of these gentlemen. They were making a statement to our state representatives, in order to pass along the message that Gloucester can’t afford this additional burden. Likewise, I know that all of them are very caring and charitable men.

When the federal government allows a group of refugees to settle in a community they are given assorted government assistance that can go on for years (source Google). Most of the refugees are sponsored and assisted by churches and other good Samaritans. Understandably these people will need a lot of help (money) for a considerable time. I understand t...

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