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Letter: Bazzani is doing a fine job

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Previous Gloucester Board of Supervisors’ member Buddy Rilee should not openly attack a new BOS member. First of all, Phillip Bazzani is not in his district. Mr. Bazzani is in mine and I am very pleased with the job he is doing for the York District, along with a lot—and I mean a lot—of other people.

He even sends a newsletter to his 4,000 constituents. Did Mr. Rilee ever put out a newsletter? Mr. Bazzani has immense management, business and budget experience, for which we pay him a whole $600 per month. He wants to help the people of the county and control the runaway spending and waste, along with John Meyer, Ashley Chriscoe, Andy James and Mike Winebarger—all equally qualified and able to conquer the problems left behind from years of poor management.

They spend endless hours researching how to tackle the problems this county has been faced with for decades. Finally, we have a BOS that cares about the taxpaying citizens and the fut...

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