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Letter: Bad news from the scientists

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


Almost every week a new and disturbing study comes out of the scientific community on some aspect of the impact of climate change on the environment. A report that came out last week co-authored by 18 scientists and led by Dr. James Hansen analyzed earth’s energy balance, rather imbalance. It is this imbalance that is causing increased warming. Parts of the conclusions are: “Rapid emissions reduction is required to restore Earth’s energy balance and avoid ocean heat uptake that would practically guarantee irreversible effects. Continuation of high fossil fuel emissions, given current knowledge of the consequences, would be an act of extraordinary witting intergenerational injustice. Responsible policymaking requires a rising price on carbon emissions that would preclude emissions from most remaining coal and unconventional fossil fuels and phase down emissions from conventional fossil fuels.” 


The “inte...

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