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Letter: Asks Mr. Post to resign

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As a lifelong resident of Gloucester I am frustrated and deeply saddened for our school division. During the final hour of the Sept. 13 meeting, Mr. Post demonstrated once again why he is unfit to serve on the county school board. During this meeting a second reading of a motion requesting board members to adhere to lawful norms for participation in a closed session was up for discussion. Closed sessions are meant to be private and board members are expected to treat these meetings with the highest standards of confidentiality.

During the discussion of this motion Mr. Post admitted that he had recorded content from a closed session and then shared that material with members of the public. Mr. Post justified his actions by offering that he had determined the content he shared should not have been protected by the closed session code of privacy. Since becoming a school board member I cannot recall one meaningful action Mr. Post has taken to better our scho...

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