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Letter: Arrogance will not lead to problem solving

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The recent letter from Mr. McCreary ("At war with reality and reason" Sept. 8 Readers Write) is truly itself "at war with reality and reason."

His first point, really! … "Persons who do not read much, persons who do not think much, easily led by slogans, lies and propaganda funded by wealthy corporations…willfully ignorant." Regardless of education, how much or how little, there are really stupid people out there! Look at the huge number of reality shows that have replaced good, well-written drama on television and the "dumbing-down" of our national news media… and our students have consistently fallen down on the international scale of educational rankings for years.

"Easily led by slogans… " Oh, so true, more so of liberals than conservatives. Just look at "Hope" and "Change" and "Yes We Can!" Many have given up on "Hope" and now prefe...

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