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Letter: Arrogance disguised as ‘fairness’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There is an ignorant and empty arrogance disguised as “fairness” these days that supersedes even a speck of common sense. Where is our humility, or sense of God-given reason? Now, the cherry on the cake of chaos is the push to pass the Equal Rights Amendment again during our Virginia General Assembly.

This Amendment to the U.S. Constitution strips women of critical protections under the law and throws them into a chaotic subjection in an ever-growing lawless society. The “pro” argument compares it to segregation, as if color and gender are synonymous! Do your homework. And I don’t mean going to see the movie “On The Basis of Sex” about the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Do not listen to the mindless chatter of deception which leaves out the grisly details of reality and, I might add, common sense. For example, the law of the land would include the enforcement of same-sex prisons, same-sex bathrooms, same-sex education ...

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