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Letter: ‘Aren’t things great?’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

If one talks to any run-of-the-mill Democrat, one will hear the mantra of “aren’t things great now,” along with the invariable smile of satisfaction that appears on the faces of these voters.

The cabal, that call itself the Democrat Party, has thrust upon America an agenda that makes Bill Clinton look like a conservative Republican.

Let’s look at how great things are:

Russia and our enemies are stepping up cyber-attacks on U.S. infrastructure. Wait until the banking system, the electric grid, and food supply chains are hit. You may want to keep your Second Amendment.Iran is funding Hamas and the Palestinians with money from U.S. taxpayers given back to them by Biden. Biden continues to placate the Iranians and alienate the Israelis.The COVID-19 pandemic is being used to take away our basic freedoms of speech, worship, public education, and assembly, unless you espouse Democrat Party talking points or work for Big Tech.Our economy is overheating (in...

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