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Letter: Arbitrary law

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Unfortunately much of what is occurring within the Washington establishment by the “Never Trump” factions has come to border on what can be termed as arbitrary law. The standards and principles of just law become twisted with the potential of unpredictable retaliation for unnamed offenses.

Such distortions of established just law requires no other allegiance than simply to please the authorities. The compromised positions that have occurred within the FBI and the intelligence agencies recently portend a radical departure from the precepts of constitutional law.

Under a regime of arbitrary law, any American can be subjected to unsubstantiated charges and unreasonable search and seizure without recourse to just law. In essence, arbitrary law.

If we learned anything from the recent shenanigans that occurred within the FBI and Justice Department, it would be the danger of repressing the law in the pursuit of a political agenda. As Thomas Paine wrote...

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