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Letter: Applies to both sides

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Usually I don’t get to the point where I feel compelled to express my thoughts openly in print, but a recently published letter has prompted in me a need to comment.

I read with disdain the comments of Katie Thompson (“Demand better behavior,” Feb. 18 Readers Write). Her entire article attacked Republican Donald Trump based on her perceived idea of inappropriate behavior by a member of the opposite party. How quick these Democrats are to accuse and how hypocritical based on their political views.

Let me remind Ms. Thompson of some of her Democrats’ abhorred behaviors: Nancy Pelosi tearing up her copy of the State of the Union address in front of the cameras while sitting in the sacred chamber during this important event. This blatantly was destruction of historic government property—but no reprimand.

And how about Maxine Waters overzealously announcing that she will “take Donald Trump out”—sounds like a threat to a sitting president to me.

And t...

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