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Letter: Appalled by letter about Peninsula Patriots’ meeting

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This letter is in response to the very hateful sounding letter of Ms. Montague ("Rabble Rousing…of the Worst Sort," Readers Write, Oct. 28, 2010). I am also appalled, but the thing that is appalling is that someone would read an article that is based on someone else’s opinion of a meeting, and then form an opinion. The name of this group is the Peninsula Patriots not the "so-called" Peninsula Patriots. It was formed locally by people who love their country. People who want this nation to continue to thrive, based on the principles that made this nation great. Things like our constitution, equality for all people, capitalism, self-reliance, personal responsibility and a strong national defense.

Her letter states that nowhere is Bishop Jackson recorded as offering constructive, realistic suggestions, sorry but she is wrong again. Just as she did not care enough to attend the meeting personally, she apparently did not care en...

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