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Letter: Any change in school funding will be temporary

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There is an obvious impasse between the Gloucester Board of Supervisors and the Gloucester School Board. How can two groups of officers, elected by the same voters in each district and at-large in the county, view an issue so differently? Obviously, the school board is attending to the wishes of those who elected them, while three or four in the board of supervisors are ignoring them.

There is no question that the chasm arises from political manipulations. Three of the supervisors—(Michelle) Ressler, (Gregory) Woodard and (Bobby) Crewe—view the school board with distain and rancor and will do anything to create obstructions in the labors of the latter. Hence, their insistence on categorical funding.

Mr. (John) Northstein, on the other hand, is drifting into the chasm toward the Ressler-Woodard-Crewe side, which surprises me considerably. I expected him to have demonstrated a more sensitive view of the matter. He has stated that a mountain is...

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