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Letter: Another view on gun control

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In the wake of the latest tragedy in Florida, we can count on the looney left to trot out their tired tripe for gun coltrol. 

First, Mr. Crabill (“I remember,” Feb. 22 Readers Write). Here’s a man who speaks about feeling power over a dead rabbit. As a hunter, I have felt pride in putting food on the table, but never power over an animal. He speaks of an erotic feeling blasting his M-14 at 200 yards. As a former Primary Marksmanship Instructor in the USMC, if I had a recruit that evinced erotic feeling over shooting, he would have been headed for evaluation in a New York minute. I’ve killed at the behest of my country, but never enjoyed it. Mr. Crabill points to Australia, saying they “figured it out.” A couple of other nations “figured it out”—Stalin’s Soviet Union and Hitler’s Nazi Germany. How did gun control work for the Jews, Steve?

Mr. Mereness (“Another American tragedy,&rdqu...

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