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Letter: An unintended consequence

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Aug. 1 issue of the Gazette-Journal contained an editorial on Fresh Water and lauded the HRSD for installation of the Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow that is replenishing the local aquifer.

I believe that this project should be viewed with great concern as I do not believe that the water treatment facilities have the ability to remove the pharmaceutical drugs currently being introduced into our waste water flow streams.

The unintended consequence is that we will pollute our aquifer with the remnants of these drugs and subject the public to unknown drugs.

Two questions need to be posed to HRSD, the first is: “Are you currently testing for drugs (legal and illegal)?” and the second is: “Do you have the ability to remove these drugs?” I believe the answer will be “no” to both questions.

James Mason

Gloucester, Va. ...

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