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Letter: An unacceptable risk

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The recent nuclear incident occurring in Hanford, Washington, is but another in a long line of accidents/incidents that demonstrate the unforgiving character of nuclear technology.

The phenomenon of a nuclear reaction is completely outside of Earth’s natural environment. This should be a matter of considerable significance as the threat posed by nuclear radiation to all forms of life is singular in that life has no natural defense against such radiation. Nuclear radiation can best be described as an alien intruder that is disruptive and dangerous to nature and life.

Should any doubt exist as to this clear and present danger, consider the fact that prior to July 16, 1945, there was no Cesium 137 or Strontium 90 in our world, as neither existed prior to the first nuclear bomb test. Since that first explosion, both have been with us in ever-increasing quantities. Unfortunately, both pose a deadly risk to life, as they are carcinogenic and cause not only c...

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