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Letter: An issue that divides us

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This is in response to Bobby Dobson’s letter (“A response to the NAACP,” May 12 Readers Write). First, let me say that I am not one of the “you” he keeps talking about. My great-grandfather grew up in the North, went to Texas as a teenager and ended up fighting in the Confederate Army, but ultimately spent most of the Civil War as a POW.

That being said, I am offended by the display of the Confederate battle flag. It is abhorrent to me and what it stands for. Ending the barbaric act of human bondage was what the Civil War was ultimately about, and there is a reason it is referred to throughout history since as the “Civil War” and not the War of Northern Aggression.

As to the issue of land, it has been voted that the Confederate monument is not to be moved. I realize that, however I do object to the public, historic property on which it sits being conveyed to an outside group, either with or without compensation to the county. As a taxpaying citizen of...

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