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Letter: An informed electorate

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This Nov. 7, we will be electing a new governor, lieutenant governor and members of the Virginia House of Delegates, as well as local members of school boards and boards of supervisors. Do you know who your current leaders are—those who represent you in local, state and federal houses of government?

Anyone who has any concerns or attitudes of any kind toward our governing bodies owes it to themselves to be not only aware of who has been representing us on all levels in the past, but we also need to be sure we know exactly how those representatives have voted on all issues put before them.

Concerned about how new laws will affect you? Wondering if you can rely on representatives to vote in your best interest? It is our right to vote for our representatives. Finding out who they are and finding trusted, and more importantly, proven sources to help you make wise choices this Nov. 7 is our responsibility as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth.


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