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Letter: An honest search for truth

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There are plenty of reasons why we are where we are in our culture and government. It is not a good place. The blame is widespread among Republicans and Democrats, and yes, even independents, the church, education and our courts. So let’s not go there.

Is there a solution? I have faith that The People are capable of making reasonably wise choices if given a complete set of facts, without bias, upon which to base decisions. That is why, we The People, are selected as jurors to uphold our laws.

However, truth and law are blurring! So, what are The People to do? First, stop the group think, put bias on the shelf, and commit to an honest search for truth. Develop a standard to measure it. Stop expecting others to tell it. Turn off the TV. Trust yourself. Reserve judgment. Stop reacting to diversions. Question everything. Define what words actually mean and how are they misused today? Why now is “good” considered bad and “bad” consid...

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