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Letter: An economic conspiracy theory

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Recent references to those who believe in a future dramatic financial reset event as being conspiracy theorists are becoming commonplace. The links between nuttiness and conspiracy theorist are becoming one and the same. There now exists a general reaction to any reference or allusion to a coming national bankruptcy as cause for an angry, derisive rebuttal. Anyone who dares to propose such an event is either deranged or some form of conspiracy theorist.

Could it be possible that the term conspiracy theorist is being used to discredit those who are uncovering what the authorities don’t want the people to know? What the public is being asked to believe is that government and the banking interests always tell the truth; that there can be no conspiracies by government, banking and corporate interests. Unfortunately, the burgeoning national debt, the level of deficit spending, debt creation and the increasing sums of the debt-based fiat dollar would dictate ...

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