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Letter: An American patriot

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Thank you for printing John McCain’s last message to the people of the United States. It was not politically based. It was not “fake news.” It was not “sour grapes” or “poor me.”

It revealed the character of an American patriot who truly put country above partisanship through most of his life, and who (in his words) learned to love his country while in another, under the worst circumstances we can’t even imagine.

His attitude remained positive even as he faced his “expiration date” after a year of fighting his own final fight against a terrible disease. He saw the best in people; he sought to lift them up with words of encouragement and through his selfless actions.

The speakers in the Phoenix service celebrated the man as they told stories of his unending curiosity in people, wanting to meet a true cross section during his life experience. It seemed easy for each to tell personal recollections inc...

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