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Letter: An act of treason

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Did you miss it? An act of treason against the United States and her people.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and four other Democratic members of the House of Representatives flew on U.S. Air Force planes to Ukraine to show our nation’s commitment to that country’s war with Russia. Pray to God himself that the leadership of nuclear-armed Russia is better educated in U.S. law than Pelosi and associates.

Furthermore, when they got there in front of the cameras of the world, they proclaimed that the U.S. was “In it to Win it! No matter the cost!”

So what, you ask.

So who rewrote the U.S. Constitution and delegated these politicians the power to make and wage war, or to the Congress—and especially this cabal of self-inflated egotists drunk on Potomac swamp water—the right to declare it?

Who nominated and elected Nancy Pelosi our War President? Or Adam Schiff her Secretary of War? Did I miss the Senate hearings that elevated them to their exalted positi...

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