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Letter: America’s history must be remembered

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I believe that some who remember World War II might read this, but I seriously hope that those who are much younger will as well. America is blessed that we aren’t going through another world war now and I hope we never have to again. But those who do remember need to make the time to educate the young who don’t even learn about it in school.

I hear children talking about how America began, but they seem to know very little about WWII; the war that, if lost, could have taken away our lives and freedom. Being old enough to remember it from the beginning and thanking God that we aren’t going through it again, I seriously hope that grandparents and parents will do their best to educate their children.

They are blessed and live in peace and freedom, but only because there were brave men, and women, who gave all they had to our country to keep us free. I hope that our history is still taught from the beginning till now, but WWII is too important...

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