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Letter: America’s freedom, prosperity at risk

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to Mr. S.J. Mehaffey’s recent letter to the editor ("Preach this, not doom," Nov. 1 Readers Write), unfortunately America, the Land of the Free, now ranks at number 18 in the World Economic Freedom rankings behind Chile, Estonia, Taiwan, Denmark and Qatar. If recent economic trends continue, the U.S. will rank in terms of economic freedom behind Kuwait.

Again, the first step in correcting any error or shortcoming is recognition of the problem. Prosperity traditionally follows freedom. Again, what is it about the facts that is not understood? America’s freedom and prosperity are at risk.

The potential for ever greater inflation looms unless we dramatically change course. The chronic deficits of excess spending must be curbed or the debt-to-GDP ratio can only rise. The current money printing is but another form of central planning that distorts and corrupts the economy.

What is it about the facts that is not understood?

Andrew ...

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