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Letter: America: Upside down

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In 1942, Henry Fonda, an actor that was known as a Hollywood liberal along with many other film stars, played the lead in the film "The Male Animal." One of his lines is as follows: "You can’t suppress ideas because you don’t like them. Not in this country. Not yet. We’re holding the last fortress of free thought, and if we surrender to prejudice and dictatorship, we’re cowards."

He was referring to men (anarchists) who were given the death sentence for killing a paymaster—a story based on a Broadway play by James Thurber. These lines Fonda spoke are good ones, and reflect the beliefs of the Founders; but then, he was speaking out for rights for anarchists and others who wanted to change America, to make it more like Russia and its government.

Of course, not too many years later, Hollywood saw the reality of Russian rule and began to back away from their support. But, those words are still good and still represent what is s...

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