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Letter: America has lost its moral compass

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

America is no longer the greatest country in the world. One reason why America is no longer number one is due to liberalism. Liberals are losers.

Liberal college professors are poisoning the minds of our youth. Some say that we are the greatest because we enjoy freedom. There are about 180 countries that enjoy freedom. There is no evidence to support the statement that we are the greatest country.

We are seventh in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, third in household income, fourth in labor force and fourth in exports. America leads the world in three categories: number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe in angels and amount of money spent on defense—where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined, 25 of whom are allies.

We surely used to be the greatest. We stood up for what was right, we fought for and passed laws for moral reasons. We waged war on pove...

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