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Letter: Adult Literacy fundraiser a success

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The annual Christmas Stocking Boutique held at The Courthouse Restaurant was successful because of the continued community participation which Adult Literacy is grateful for. The ALMP would not be able to continue to sponsor the event without the support of Kim and Doug Hibbs. We are forever pleased that you support our mission of providing free, one-to-one instructions for adults in Gloucester, Mathews or Middlesex counties who wish to improve their reading and related skills.

Each year community people, unknown to us, are willing to share their time, talents and creativity in order to make the Christmas Stocking Boutique a means of financial support so ALMP can purchase books and materials needed to assist student learning. At a time when 36 million adults in the USA cannot read, write or do basic math above a 3rd grade level and less than 10 percent of the adults in need are receiving services (ProLiteracy), our mission to serve the needs of as many commun...

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