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Letter: Address speeding problem on Rt. 17

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This letter is in response to the many unnecessary situations on Route 17 in the Gloucester and Hayes area. Our hearts go out to those left behind from these accidents.

As I sit in my heavy pickup truck making a left turn off 17, the cars and trucks passing me make my truck sway back and forth. I hate to make a guess at how fast they are going. Instead of needlessly losing lives, why not adjust the speed limit to 45 mph, with speed limit signs posted all along the way?

Consider using the signs that actually measure a car’s speed below the sign to bring awareness. How about posting flashing lights that let the driver know there is a traffic light ahead. Handing out some speeding tickets can also make a difference. I’m sure there are many more suggestions available.

I am continuously and sadly amazed at the number of accidents on this highway and am hoping our county can implement some improvements to help alleviate the issue. Our county may not be b...

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