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Letter: Ad was to inform

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The left believes there are disturbing circumstances surrounding a large advertisement in the Aug. 18 issue of the Gazette about deeding the land underneath the Mathews war memorial to Confederate groups.

There’s no way the board of supervisors placed the ad; how can you think the board placed the ad? Somebody or some group paid for this. At the top of the advertisement, it said “Paid advertisement.” Ms. Mason’s name and phone number was there so people could call and tell her to vote for it. It would appear that whoever placed the ad didn’t want to be known: It’s their business, not yours.

The advertisement explained what was going on with the war memorial and why it should be deeded to the two heritage groups. There was no threat; it was to educate the public. When you leftists don’t have your way, you will say or do anything. Next time, read it before you have all that hate built up in you and you don’t understand what you read.

They voted 5-0 t...

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