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Letter: Actions speak louder than words

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This is my response to a recent letter to the editor (“She believes the president exhibits racist views,” Aug. 30 Readers Write). The author says President Trump is a racist because of what he says, but actions speak louder than words.

His pro-life actions show he cares for all people. 

Pro-life is a ministry to save lives and souls. We save lives by convincing pregnant women not to abort their babies. We also save women from lives of regret, depression, drugs, etc., that often result from abortion. We save souls by convincing post-abortion women and their accomplices to repent, confess and be forgiven.

The author accuses me of getting the facts wrong. My source is the Census Bureau. The author quotes the Pew Research polls. Polls are often wrong; for example, Hillary Clinton isn’t president.

In November, I’ll vote to make America great again. America lost its greatness when, instead of protecting the most vulnerable, it legali...

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