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Letter: Actions have consequences

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

During the initial Gloucester School Board meeting of 2023, board members Darren Post of the Ware District and Carlton Drew of the York District refused to execute the Code of Ethics annually signed by all board members. There is no precedent for such action.

School board members represent more than the districts that elect them. They represent, and have a legal and ethical duty to the citizens of Gloucester County to, at all times, conduct themselves in an ethical manner when carrying forward their elected duties. The Gloucester County School Board Code of Ethics forms the framework for their conduct.

Gloucester County citizens have a right to expect ethical conduct from their elected representatives. In 2022, despite having signed the Code of Ethics, Mr. Post admitted that he had publicly revealed information discussed in a closed session of the school board. This is a violation of the Code of Ethics in force in 2022.

Mr. Drew was elected by the ...

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