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Letter: Academic achievement deserves recognition

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Regarding last week’s front-page article, "Honor grads no longer to lead procession at GHS"—what is the school administration thinking?

I’m not talking about the change in the graduation processional order, although that bothers me. I don’t live in Gloucester and my children have already graduated from high school, so the mechanics of Gloucester’s graduation ceremony doesn’t affect me at all.

My problem is principal Tony Beverage’s reasoning behind the change. Could he have actually informed the superintendent that the administration and faculty felt there was an "extravagant degree of reverence toward honor graduates?"

The business of schools is education. The outward display of a job well done is the graduation ceremony. The school system should be proud of their honor students and show them off. And the honor students themselves should be proud of their accomplishment and the hard work i...

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