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Letter: Absolute, unequivocal balderdash

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

An open letter to the Honorable Wittman, Warner and Kaine.

My son-in-law is a fine, religious, family, Navy man who now is, as of June 24th law, unable to attend an indoor religious service without fear of facing a court martial. What now, gentlemen; Military Police prowling the local parish looking for one of their own? Has everyone in this country’s government lost their complete senses?

You have parts of this country overrun by unfettered anarchy and tyranny, yet, no one in this government can speak out for those who serve, and who find strength in their service to country and family by attending the church of their choice. Absolute, unequivocal balderdash. What will you do about this? Anything less than a complete reversal of this unlawful degree, and an apology to those who serve, is unacceptable.

With respect,

James Anthony “Jim” Pavik Sr.Mathews, Va.

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