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Letter: About that ball carrier

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

If a recent letter writer in the Gazette-Journal is concerned about our current president’s ability to manage the nuclear “football,” he must have been in a state of constant panic when President Biden’s predecessor was in office.

On April 18, 2016, Trump referred to the 9/11 attack as the 7-11 attack. At a rally in Atlanta, Georgia, he referred to Belgium as a city, “a very pretty city.” During a speech at a Whirlpool factory in Ohio, he referred to the country of “Thighland” (A country that, if it did exist, he would likely have visited).

When his wife Melania returned from the hospital in May 2019, he welcomed back his wife “Melanie.” But then, who could fault him for getting his women confused. In October of 2017, he said he had met with the President of the Virgin Island. The Virgin Islands are an American territory and he, at the time, was their president.

In a July 4 speech, he referred to the effectiveness of U.S. forces in the Revolutionar...

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