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Letter: A way out of the darkness

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

For the last year and a half, I have taken special interest in the news. As a perceived gulf—political, cultural, educational, and religious—has widened in this nation, I have consciously sought out sources reputed to have limited bias, including international news outlets. I have tried to concentrate on writing that is reasoned, and yes, I have read both sides. 

What I read in all of them is that we as a nation have reached dark times. We have dug down lower than I ever imagined we could, and it seems to me that we have not yet reached the bottom of the pit.

We were never perfect; far from it, as history demonstrates, and as any person from any of our marginalized populations can attest. But at least we as a nation understood that we should be better, that it was our job to at least try to form a more perfect union. Our greatness was in our ideals. Our attempt to reach them, to make them real, was insufficient at best, but even so, our idea...

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