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Letter: A vote based on respect and compassion

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am not one who would normally express my opinion on political matters publicly, but in light of our choice for a national leader I was called to do so out of a moral responsibility and the frightful gravity of the direction our nation could be headed for.

I can understand the appeal of supporting Mr. Trump, who paints a picture of restoring our country’s strength. We all are naturally driven to be strong, healthy and free. If, however, we pursue strength for ourselves while belittling others, we bring conflict, suffering and ultimately a weakened community. If we do not live by compassion and respect for one another, our community can never be strong.

We see how distant Mr. Trump is from compassion and respect when he openly mocks and belittles a person with physical disabilities, a man who shames a woman whose son has died in defending our nation, demeans a man who went through the torture of being a prisoner of war, and through his open promotion o...

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